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Design Considerations

20+ Years of Product Development
20+ Years of Engineering Experience
20+ Years of Prototyping Experience


Core Services

Helix offers the following in-house development services.

Design Research
Helix gathers an understanding of the project objectives before beginning concept ideation. We use observational analysis and other research methods to assist in understanding a project’s objectives and uncover issues that become the baseline for design development. Design research assures that development addresses both user needs and business requirements.

Industrial Design
We apply creativity to resolve design issues. Aesthetics, family appearance, branding, color and material options, user interface, ergonomics and assembly and manufacturing strategies are explored to define the optimum product solution.

Mechanical Engineering
Production-based realities are addressed to deliver the industrial design vision. Our mechanical engineers use the industry-standard CAD tools, Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks, combined with solid practical experience in processes, design for assembly and manufacturing and materials to achieve the best product design solutions.

Models & Prototypes
We evaluate and verify ideas throughout design development using our in-house prototyping services. Mock-ups, soft models, 3D printed parts, resin casting, appearance models, and other prototype services reduce risk, improve efficiency and enhance productivity. Our rapid prototyping Objet Eden 350V Polyjet printer creates parts with production level accuracy to minimize development risks.

Requirements Testing
For products with rigorous ingress protection or ruggedization requirements, Helix executes preliminary drop testing and water testing to uncover potential production issues before release to production, saving both time and costs.

Project Management
To keep projects on schedule, Helix coordinates the efforts between developers, vendors, clients and manufacturers. Helix offers project management and consulting services to ensure manufacturing resources meet quality and schedule requirements, both during development and after final documentation is released.

Development Alliances
To supplement our core services, Helix utilizes a network of specialized resources that share our creative vision and commitment to customer service.

  • U.S. & Overseas Manufacturing
  • Graphic Design
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Thermal Management
  • Software Development
  • Regulatory Testing & Certification

Roy Sketching

Roy Sketching

Roy Sketching

Roy Sketching